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The 48 hours Competition is a short-film contest that proposes an unusual challenge, common in Italy but which never took place in Brescia: to realize the best short-film in just two days, from the idea to the final product. Everything that is required to realize the film can only be performed from Sunday 19 September at 4 p.m. until Tuesday 21 at the same time, when all the short-films need to be in the hands of our jury that will watch them and declare the winner.

In order to participate, it is necessary to create a team of five people maximum and sign up on the portal of the Brixia Film Festival by paying a 10€ fee per participant before 15 September 2021.

Each group will then be assigned a theme on which the short film should be based, and the participants will have only 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

The winning team will receive a renntal vouchher of €750 for nshot and a €250 cash prize as well as the opportunity to see its short film screened during the evenings of the Brixia Film Festival on the screen of the Nuovo Eden Cinema.

The aim of the 48 Hours Competition is to stimulate young film makers, both professional and amateur, in a fun and creative challenge, to discover the city of Brescia and the magical views it has to offer.


The contest is a project organized by the Miso Association and it’s part of the Brixia Film Festival. BRIXIA 48 hours film contest it’s open to artists, film-makers and amateurs aimed at making a short film in just 48 hours.


1. Participants can subscribe using the website by 10 September 2021.

2. The registration fee is € 50,00 for each group, to be paid by midnight on 10 September 2021 to the following iban: IT82T05018112000016728065 MISO ASSOCIAZIONE DI PROMOZIONE SOCIALE with reason for payment: "Name surname represented group - group name - registration fee BS48H film contest".

N.B. The organisation reserves the right to close registrations if a high number of participating groups is reached. Notice will be given via the official contest website.

1. Each group must have a representative and present themselves on Friday 17th September 2021 in Piazza Loggia in Brescia at 18:00.  Before the start, the rules of the contest will be reiterated and the staff will give the representative of each group an envelope containing:

i) Official regulation to be returned signed at the end of 48 hours

ii) Disclaimers


1. object - it must have a narrative relevance in the short-film;

2. location - in which to set at least one scene of the short film and which has a narrative relevance;

3. ??? - revealed just at the start of the competition

1. The competition requests are drawn randomly for each group and will be different for each group. Under no circumstances can they be changed or drawn again.

2. The short films, the required documents and the releases must be handed in at Piazza Loggia no later than the time set at the start, Sunday 19 September 2021. All short films that are not delivered by the established time will be automatically disqualified.

i) The arrival time is considered to be the moment when the representative of the group arrives in Piazza Loggia and makes himself visible to the organisers.

ii) The delivery must be made in duplicate in H264 on a USB pendrive. The files will be copied to a PC by the organisers, after which the memory pendrive will be returned and the representative/group will be free to go.

iii) Each file must be named "Group name - title - BRIXIA48orefilmcontest2021".

iv) For the delivery there will be a table with the organisers in Piazza Loggia from 14:00 on Sunday 19 September 2021. Before delivery, the contents of the USB pendrives will be checked and that the short films have no problems.


1. The maximum length of the short film is 10 minutes including opening and closing credits.

2. Each short film must comply with the competition requests assigned to the group to the extent that they have been allocated. If they are visibly ignored, the short film will be excluded from the competition.

3. Each short film must have an initial sign with:

* “Brixia 48 hours film contest”

* The logos of Miso and the Brixia Film Festival (which will be given to entrants before 48 hours)

* Short film title

* Group name

* The year of realisation

1. The footage used for the short film must be taken exclusively during the 48 hours of the competition.

2. It is possible to use non-video material previously produced for the competition (music, voice-overs, graphics, titles, drawings, etc.) as long as they comply with point 2f.

3. Groups must own the rights to use any audiovisual material used in the short film. They must also be able to prove that they own these rights if requested.

4. Short films or portions of short films having a language other than Italian (including dialects) must have Italian subtitles directly imprinted in the submitted video file and not in a separate subtitle file.

5. All kinds of equipment and technical means can be used as long as they are on charge of the group.

6. In addition to the competition requirements, the short film can have any content and be of any genre/category (short fiction, documentary, mockumentary, etc.). Pornographic content, child pornography, explicit violence and any other content that may be harmful to the dignity of a person and ethically unacceptable is strictly forbidden. Explicit references to political parties and overt party stances are also prohibited.


1. Each group must have a name which must be indicated when registering.

2. Each group must have a representative that will provide the information requested during registration

3. Each group must consist of a maximum of 6 people. Actors are not counted among these 6 people, if their role is limited to acting only. If they collaborate in the production in other supporting roles, they will be counted as group members.

4. Due to the nature of the competition, all group members must be volunteers.


1. Creativity, originality, quality of language and form and relevance to the competition requirements will be rewarded during the selection process.

2. The winning short film will be screened on the evening of 26 September 2021 at the Nuovo Eden Cinema during the Brixia Film Festival.

3. The winning short film will receive a cash prize.

4. The sharing of the prize is the responsibility of the group.


1. The organisers are not responsible for any damage caused or suffered by participants in the contest. In case of force majeure, technical and organisational problems or in case of particular situations not foreseen, the organisers may modify the present regulations, informing the participants on the official contest website. Participation implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of the regulations.

2. During filming, each crew must comply with the national health protocol for covid-19 emergencies. Any infringement of this protocol will be entirely the responsibility of the group's representative, who releases the organisation of the contest and the Miso Association from all legal liability. In case of infringement, the organisation reserves the right to exclude the group from the contest.


Can I participate alone?

Yes you can, but we encourage teamwork and the collaboration of more people. Dialogue with others is an important part in the creation of a short-film, especially in this contest.

Is professional equipment required?

No it isn’t, the contest is open to everybody with any device. You can shoot with any camera or phone. The quality of the image in itself will not be evaluated, but in relation to the content. What is important is the care taken with each element in the limited time available.

Do I need to provide myself with licences or other documents?

No, you don’t. The organization will provide all the documents necessary to the shooting before the start of the competition.

Can I use stock video footage?

No you can’t, no video footage can be utilized, even if copyright-free

Is it possible to participate in the shooting of two different short films?

Yes, as long as you aren’t responsible for both groups. For example, you can be responsible for your own team and be the boom operator for another.

Can I send a different version of my short-film for the screening if I win?

No you can’t, changes in the video/audio are forbidden. However, it’s allowed (and recommended) to send an export in higher quality.

If I withdraw after the registration deadline and after having paid the entry fee, will I get a refund?

No, the entry fee will not be refunded after the deadline.

Can minors also participate?

Yes, with the signature of a parent or legal tutor.

Will I be allowed to film anywhere in Brescia? Can I shoot outside the city?

Groups can shoot freely on public land. For private locations, a permit will be provided, which you will have to submit and have signed by the owner of the location if he accepts. All shootings have to be done inside the city of Brescia.


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